Just Do It-Yourself!

That's me in the Balenciaga installation on the first floor of the Excelsior, fitting in quite well there with my hobo boho summer look. Don't you think?

But of course I had to go and have a look in the super exclusive department store Excelsior while in Milan last month. There is underground art palace Amos Rex and then there is drooling over expensive brands in luxury, almost secret, fashion temples. For the latter, no entrance fee, no standing outside in slush/line, just walk on straight in, keep your head high and own the place.

Soak it all up, if you want something and you can afford it, just rip it off the shelves and gulp it up, if not sip up the signals and create your own stuff at home. Toolbox, markers and that super cute sewing kit they sold at Lidl last week will come in handy. (Singer sewing machine coming up for sale next week!) Dig into your storage, salvage your treasures and get going!

phot 2 milano blog
Look it’s me again, or at least , my name..! White markers or transfer letters maybe? Still need to do some research on how-to-do this one. But I already want this bag! Also, taking orders. (this image might have been photo shopped)
Combo of last year’s, or last century’s, Puff Daddy and Posh Mommy will make a brand new creation to keep your bones warm this winter.
This would for sure be coming home with me, if all the cash needed for it weren’t glued into the walls of my #byggabygga conversion project.
gucci homemade
So this is how I swing it, take that old fake leather fake Mad Men briefcase plus some old tourist souvenir badges, conveniently found hanging around in my drawer, and then, make magic.
There we go, my baby rocking it with Balenciaga dudes at Excelsior. Maybe, kanske…
Exploring Excelsior, the mirrors. #selfie


Forgot the brand of these Fashion Melt Downs but you can get them at Excelsior for top dollars.
Or maybe, just maybe, you could try this at home to save your dough.
We’re going in! PS I did go to Amos Rex in Helsinki as well and that was absolutely wonderful too.