It’s a Jungle out there!

But of course! I did an everything-mix’n-match look which is ridiculously fun and yes, laugh if you must. See if I care. Hah. If you don’t want the in-your-eye total look then you can treat animal print as the new neutral. Or think of it as the new black and wear it with block colours or with..yes…the old black, black..

I took the black and white pictures while on an assignment for Stockmann in Brooklyn couple of years ago. This is the view from a really nice-trashy house towards Manhattan.

You can easily camouflage some of your body bumps and scratches, should you wish, with leopard spots or snake pattern. Just mix it up and do major confusional fashion.

Ancle boots form Unnas. Shop them here. On sale and very comfortable!  Jeans from Kappahl. The bridge is of course the famous one that Victoria and David namned their child Brooklyn after. .

Jane Fonda must have done classic face lifts plus eventually lead a healthy lifestyle as well. She might have added fillers later, who knows. Somebody saw her on the street in New York and said she looked amazing. For the Mother of God, she uses tucked in shirts with a belt… belt?! Brave woman.

PS Season 5 of Grace an Frankie on Netflix out just in time for the weekend. Still recovering from last weekends marathon of Sex Education. Best Netflix gluttony for a while!! (Check out Gillian Andersson’s awkward hair) Strong recommendations and giggles guaranteed.

These sophisticated frames by Victoria Beckham are available from Trend Optic in Helsinki. I’ll tell you the brand soon..Leopard polo and snake skin patterned blouse from Kappahl. Reindeer leather Clutch with Salmon Skin by Lovia.  

I so adore the frames I’m wearing in these photos!! Feeling a bit like Julianne Moore in ‘A Single Man’, by Tom Ford. I don’t mean in an alcoholic-divorcé-kind-of-way (just halfway on that one) more like in a elegant feminine decadent way. Could watch the movie again because the architecture, the interior, the style and for Colin. Ps don’t think she, Julianne, even had any glasses other than whiskey ones in the movie. I’m talking about the feeling. Love!

Trousers with frills from Ganni. Oozing knee-high Niki boots by Saint Laurent from Matches.The ever-so-funny-fanny-pack from Other Stories. Pinkish orange Latia silk shirt from Sand Copenhagen. Leather over-the-shoulder-bag with cow print detail Anine Bing. The make-a-major-entrance-Roberto Cavalli Zebra-printed stretch jersey dress (on sale!) from My Theresa. Low sling backs from sizzling Victoria Beckham. Leopard print coat from Mango. There you go. Eat it up. Many of the items on sale.

Photos of me by Henni Hyvärinen. 

Kappahl provided me with clothes for this shoot. Accessories and shoes borrowed from shops. The pictures for the collage are by manufacturers.