Autumn Cravings #sthlm

Just half an hour on the trendy café on Södermalm and already updated on the latest must haves.

Number 1/

The Leopard print jacket in denim. A bit darker and not so yellow. Perfectly paired with black cropped pants and Vans style black sneakers plus silver jewellery and a white t-shirt in thick cotton. I’m already chatting online with Ganni.

Number 2/

Chunky black Doc Martens, extra thick soles, paired casually with black straigh trousers with uniform stripes. Mom at work, kid entertaining himself more with dinosaur toys and stairing at me than games on his iphone.

Number 3/

Chunky gold chains with knit. Also, not enough with an ordinary t-shirt, has to be with a little puffy sleeve right? Special mention, always that half-messy-up-bun-hair. Special mention 2, black gorgeous saddle bag on the chair. Also, look closer and you see over-knee boots in leather. With said chunky knit etc.

I had the porridge with baked apples and hazelnut butter/hazelnuts, orange-ginger-carrot juice. (Cannot get used to those awful paper straws. They stick to my lips. Who needs them anyway.) And black coffee.

Location Pom och Flora