Kicking some serious Flow

Highlight of the Helsinki Year. August moon, moody lights, shades of blue over an old gas clock. People at their chillest before darkness strikes. Almost missed the whole darn thing didn’t I.


Day 1: A friend came over, we decided it was time for Aperol Spritz so off we dashed to #bikbokgoesfestival pre-Flow party for some orange liquid happiness. Got glitterfaced by Glitternisti. Funny how all people look great in glitter. Strayed away from the festival route and crashed a crayfish party, sang some songs. Got lazy and headed home. Popped into my friend on the way, went to sit on her balcony with pink pelargonias, pink wine and a beautiful doctor. Talked about illnesses, mostly mine..real or imagined. Heard somebody wissle in the street. Bicycled home. Cooked midnight pasta.

On the left Windows 95 man Teemu Keisteri, artist, keeper of the art gallery Kalleria in Kallio and  it-boy of the moment. Seen here wearing the shortest shorts ever combined with the hairiest legs, manspreading to be avoided. For more of Lisa Reynolds do visit her instagram account here.
_DSC8479 copy
Heini-Maria Hynninen studies fashion design at the Aalto University. She came for New Order.

Day 2:, Had a very getting-up-Slow morning. Then I made a new layout for my kitchen, because Alex the electricity guy was rolling his eyes and sighing deeply when he saw my first design, performed to him with sign language, my style, and a very quick and shaky drawing. Pretended it rained outside so I could just keep on cutting and pasting pictures The whole day went by in pyjama (Liar! I don’t use a pyjama…not what you think). Awesome work Flow Day 2. Checked my stats every other minute until I fell a sleep.


_DSC8511 copy
Did I hear you say BLACK LEATHER JACKET!!?? Two times Music plus twice a Model makes Four times COOL. Green / yellow hair on the left belonging to Alma, edgier Adele-like-voice Alma participated in The Voice of Finland when she was 17. You should definitely listen to her debut single Karma. DJ and music creator Farré Boussier, speaking Swedish with a funky Vaasa accent, is on the up, doing sets in Berlin and Stockholm. Anna Nevala, top kitten on the international catwalks, busy on the phone next to Paparazzi model Heidi Kråkström who is following suit on the catwalk. ©Marica Rosengård

Day 3: Major gilt infused morning because some really nice person actually arranged for me to have a 3 Day Golden ticket and I missed Friday and Saturday.The feeling similar to throwing away food knowing there are people starving and the world is coming to an end, cows are dying in vain. Feeling even worse maybe. Had to pick myself up and prepare for mingle and music. With a final kick in the butt from Alina, off I went.

SIA absolutely worth the wait. Who cares whether or not she was on stage herself? Could have been anyone, it was still great. The major attraction was the dancer. Truly awesome and beautiful. And the camera filming the performance. Every move and picture carefully planned and executed. Like a well scripted fashion shoot or video.

_DSC8636x copy copy
Stylist Patisse a Lody shines bright like a diamond.

Food: I ate a hotdog from Marcus Samuelsson’s truck, a bit too messy to manage but very tasty.  There will be more of Marcus in Helsinki with two new restaurants opening up soon, one in the semi high riser hotel on Jätkäsaari the other in the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. I also had a meze plate from Baba. Fluffiest hummus in a while and soft but crispy falafels.

Go Flow for the feeling of the music, the light, people and the food.

Lisa Reynolds works as the store manager at Fashion Designer and Environmental activist Vivienne Westwood’s shop World´s End on 430, King’s Road in London, the same site that used to house the Boutique ¨SEX¨, run by Vivienne and her then boyfriend Malcolm McClaren in the 70’s. Lisa makes sure to visit Flow every summer. Here she hangs out with Jopo Simeon‘s Flower Girl.


_DSC8612 copy.jpg
Brothers in each other’s arms: Stylist Tommi Kilponen, Teemu Kilponen. Fashion Designer Emelie Björnberg with Hermès belt friend Ragnar (he might also be wearing a Balenziaga jacket…what do I know), sensational Yoga and Wellness queen Wilma P  (working on a very exciting and oh so secret project), Actor Minka Kuustonen, last seen in the blogger movie Onnenonkija, attached to actor Aku Sipola.