Not Just Angels and Butterflies: Ida Sjöstedt Sthlm FW

A bit edgier than I expected, Ida Sjöstedt at Sthlm Fashion Week, the Spring and Summer Collection. Looks a bit like Brigitte Bardot went to the beach after soft partying -just some bubbles and maybe melon with prosciutto- woke up the next morning, still on the beach, blinked the sand out of her lashes and decided to get married, still wearing a not so soft anymore make up from yesterday and messy  romance hair surrounded by a gang of Snap Chat Butterflies that got a way.


Work, work, working there in the background. Street trend to the extreme. No, I don’t think yellow shiny guy in the background is here to fix something, he is just trying to create a trend. By the way, big FILA print mixed with anything plus sneakers is the hot de la hot for cool cats at the moment. Such a relief,  isn’t it. Just pick something up and mix it wildly with a big print/logo t-shirt or sweatpants and you are good to go. Ida is keeping up the glitter cuteness with the pretty earrings and a more romantic feel for the boulevard.


From the mouth of the Models: ¨Lets just get the **** out of here! Nobody seams to care and these heads keep popping up and it’s a bit scary¨ The models in cute silvery street style with socks and sandals plus the one being flowery leaving to the right. Everybody who think they are somebody keep stealing the attention. Not nice. Me me me..and lovely Laura!

Yes, we did have an invitation but no, we weren’t supposed to sit on the front row..okay, maybe Laura then…but hey, here we are feeling absolutely fabulous. Lovely goodie bag as well. Tiny square bottles with shampoo in a little pouch. Goodie bags always a good idea.

Quite like these.

Ida Sjöstedt describes her signature style as tastefully kitchy. I can relate to that. The location for the show was Bern’s Salonger as usual.  Berns also have a very beautiful restaurant in similar style, serving asian inspired food. Great place for model and blogger spotting in between shows.


ON MY To-Do LIST: Going to Habitare Fair with all the colours I love on their new a bit wonky Logo, checking out what’s new from H&M Studio AW 2016, might go to Finnish clothing brand Andiata’s  celebration of 30 years, also might do Mikko Leppilampi &Co’s Restaurant Pastor who turns 2 and ‘celeborates’ that with Marimekko and the Stockmann Fashion Show for the Norden Runt Campaign is also on the list. See you!