Testing my Strength, Just Looking

All the gorgeous things I am not buying tomorrow  when Helander’s Auction House in Helsinki are having their monthly auction. Maybe you would like a classy brown leather Chesterfield Sofa or two? There are enough Moroccan style furniture to refurbish your entire living room. Maybe a tall graceful brass lamp or a red velvet boudoir sofa is what you need?

All that adrenalin rushing through your body when you are on the hunt for that thing that you cannot live without, or in my case, could not live without.The fight, the trying-to-be-clever: paying no attention what-so-ever to that special one so that nobody will notice your little gem.



If I were to have a white and blue moment I would go for the big Spanish/Moroccan bowl and serving plates, maybe a bit too safe but maybe its time for safe now. If it’s raining tomorrow I might go and have a look…And there is only one heap of each, I just did a lot of copy/paste, so don’t get your hopes up.



Colourful decorative glass fish, completely useless but oh-so-wonderful, in the style of Laura’s Mother Anita. Used to bully Laura for all her pretty things and now I am always on the look for a funky fish. Art Deco Majolica fruit bowl could maybe be used for keeping the keys in on the table by the door? Rattan chair ¨Margherita¨by Franco Albini, this would be the one for me, just looked up the price on another auction site, OMG…somebody might do a good deal on that tomorrow. Rose jar by Arabia.
The first ever Chesterfield Sofa is believed to have been commissioned by Lord Phillip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield (1694-1773). The Earl wanted a sofa where a gentleman could sit up straight without wrinkling his clothes. Henni doesn’t seam to care about wrinkles when stretching out on that red velvet Boudoir sofa. The pinkish red settee with the cushion can be adjusted so that the sides tip down, making it perfect for an afternoon nap.

If you didn’t get enough already you can always bid online on Stockholm’s Auktionsverk, around the clock, or on Lauritz, which seams to be a whole gang of mostly Scandinavian but also German and Belgian auction houses. Next auction up in Helsinki is on the 23-24.8, organized by the Hagelstam Auction House

Helander Auction House, Hernepellonkuja 8-10, 00560 Helsinki. August Auction tomorrow  6.8 starting at 11am. For more information  +358 2900 319 52 or info@huutokauppahelander.com. The entire catalogue here. Phone bidding also possible.