Time to say Goodbye

We had to pack all my stuff away rapidly since the walls were going up and the builders needed the space. Sonja took quick mobile phone pictures of the heaps of precious belongings, beautifully muted by nature’s photo shop, dust. Then she and Henni packed most of the things away for the catacombs back in the deep deep end of the studio.

What is it that makes a place feel like a home?  Soft cushions in a sofa? The smell of dinner being made? Or the people moving around in the space?  Part of the feeling of home sits in carefully-chosen-or-not-so-much-so knick-knacks filled with memories.  Could it be that the materia of your belongings soaks up the energy of the episodes in your life you need or want to remember?  That light pink pig candle with one leg missing, reminding me of the original intention, to be given to Leena as a Christmas present. Couldn’t find the right packaging and then Christmas went by and the pig fell on the floor. I should probably give that one to Leena, leg glued back, when I see her next. Those small pieces of paper with children’s ¨Mummy’s secret box. Don’t touch!¨text on them. Love that one..

pink pig buddah bad.jpg
The tennis racquet came in handy yesterday when we had to beat the dust out of an old rug. It might have to go anyway. Bath tub from Blocket is staying, although I don’t think it is The One. Definitely saving the old Vogue Magazines under the Buddha table, still regret throwing away old ones from the Super Model era…(facepalm). All the children’s art on the black shelf will get a special place in a cupboard and in my heart.


How about if you are a minimalist? Does that meen you have such an excellent ability to remember that you don’t need solid carriers of the past to remind you? Or is being a minimalist just that you want to forget and move on. Or just simply live practically and in the moment.

Its time to say goodbye to many of my small friends.The important ones will be rescued and given special places, maybe piedestals or even their own cupboards and shelves. Some will carry my secret memories, sad and happy, with them to new homes and families and ready themselves for new lives. Others will just have to die.. Oh, no… Now I get to that point where I shouldn’t be, saying goodbye is hard and then you start thinking… Maybe we can stay together?

flag buddah oil.jpg
I used to hate that picture. To me it represented war and hard work in the fields for farmers, maybe getting bombed while trying to save bad frozen crops. Now I see the yellow and like it so the art is staying. Look closely and you’ll see an other broken Buddha buddy, green jade, gift from father in law. My daughter waved with that Union Jack in London during some Royal Celebration. She was a bit mad that we weren’t front row and there were some crying. She was 10. I will keep that one.The red hat might have to go. What was I thinking.

Striving to move a way from the Gray Gardens and a little bit more towards Becoming Minimalist. Note so self: Think three times before letting new stuff in.