Cocktails and Canapés! Blondigram goes R*O*S*T*E*R!

Official opening of the Restaurant ROSTER in Helsinki last week. Blondigram crashed the party in search of a bigger beef. These were the grilled green peppers. We loved the cocktails and I had a go or ten at the mini brownies._DSC8882

OMG! Lincoln Kayiwa has sneaked out of the house again! Smoothly blending in to the blue-shades-all-over-interior, you thought, didn’t you? Not happening, Lincoln, we see you. And is that an Ozwald Boateng suit you are sporting? Blondigram giving Kari Aihinen, the celebrity chef of the housea lame double squeeze before going downstairs to inspect the open kitchen.


Rapper Sini Sabotage, picked up her yellow pilot glasses in the railway station Shop Tetuan where she used to work as a teenager. She came with her mum Anna-Liisa, who was dressed in white. Unfortunately mum stuck her tongue out in the pictures so had to cut her out. Sini likes to hang out in Juttutupa in her neighbourhood Hakaniemi. Watch her video ¨Muuta ku m䨠featuring Alma with the green hair.


ROSTER seems to want to be the new New Nordic in town, laid back but chic, for food and cocktails. Easy to pop into for a drink after you’ve done the weekend shopping at Stockmann or for a quick AW. I’m sure they can fit in your shopping bags in that bulky glass wardrobe while you are having a go at the drinks menu with Scandinavian exotica drink flavors like mushrooms, liquorice, birch and dill.


I went for the less experimetal Pisco Raspberry and liked it. Looks like it could have been some birch thrown into that one as well. Good news for people wanting to eat out on a Sunday in Helsinki, Roster is open 14-22 and they serve Sunday roast, also a vegetarian version.


What the heck!? My loft dwelling neighbours! Last week we had a little corridor action with banker Antero on the first floor by the elevators. Me crawling around on the floor and him keeping control of the numbers. The pretty wife Nina was out bicycling so, as members of our housing association board, there was a perfect moment there to take measurements for the new corridor carpet. Carpet Diem everyone.


Henni is wearing a sparkly blue sequined dress from Nelly. The saxophonist has Suomi-themed Nike sneakers. Not overly keen on them. Love the colour of the vintage style sofa, especially made for the place.


We don’t care who coughed up the money for the decoration of this restaurant as long as you hand over that Tattinger supersized Magnum bottle over there! Right now!! Sonja wears a fringy black jacket from Tiger of Sweden paired with blood red velvet pants.

Thought I heard that the Bond Agency did the interiors? Anyway, lots of blues in all shades, on the sofas, chairs and walls, mixed with brushed brass lamps, design by Tom Dixon. Brass also on bar and table tops. Great they added the mirrors. I hate being seated with my back towards the room, now not so bad should that, God forbid, happen.


My dear friend power woman Terhi Suominen holding on to her American sweet heart surgeon. I would too, lots of gold hidden under the white shirt, I checked and there was a huge chunky golden chain. I’ll leave the examination of the golden heart to Terhi.


Mister Jari Karjalainen knows when it’s time to bring out the champange, fashion editor Liisa Kokko, on the loose again, with Gloria Magazine’s long time beauty editor Kristiina Raitala on the right. Keep the bubbles flowing.


More is more. Awfully small portions there but enough drinks. Sexy black bow tie silk blouson by Anna Ruohonen.

_DSC8808-2 copy

Hairdresser Meri Milash providing the blondes with bold competition in the hair area. Klara Kivilahti about to leave on a private jet anytime now, dressed in a Birdy dress borrowed from sister Kariina (short, very short skirt but held safely in place by Spanx underwear. I know for sure) Just love those shoes by the way! For the rest of us here is a check list on what to do and not on a private jet, should you be invited to higher altitudes.

The guys escaped the kitchen to hang out in front of the rotating wine shelf. Could that be Burt on the right? Sonja, the blonde to the left, is wearing a chiffon dress from Hilfiger Denim.


By Didem Boy dressed in leather jacket and shirt from H&M Studio Children’s Collection. Follow his mum’s blog here. That’s her hand on his shoulder and her Chanel handbag. Mum is very pretty as well but not blonde.


One for the road. Henni’s, on the right, wears a tuxido jacket by Tiger of Sweden and the bohemian trousers are from Hunky Dory.

// Tiger of Sweden  +358 9 674 554 // Hunky Dory and Hilfiger Denim:: Marsaana Communications // Anna Ruohonen and Nelly: Spalt PR Group Hki //

The opinions expressed here might or might not be the thoughts of Blondigram themselves, Henni Hyvärinen and Sonja Hyytiäinen.