O Man, Where Art Thou? The Night of the Arts, Mostly at Maxill

Neighbourhood moment of the year. The one and only place to go to during ¨The Night of The Arts¨ is Maxill, my local hang out, just literally down my road. Why go any further when you can have instant live news feed just on the corner. All the new couplings and de-couplings, what the kids have been up to, where to go for the best waxing and other important stuff. 

Taking to the Stage: Professor Matti Klinge, still in late summer style white blazer, on the far left. Usually he wears a hat as well. The full white linen look, provided by journalist Sami Sykkö. Not a clue who that suited guy in the background is. Thought it was plastic surgeon Rolf Nordström but on a closer look, don’t think so. Unless he did a Renee Zellweger. Tv, dance and otherwise big personality Jorma Uotinen sang with Helena Lindgren. In the picture he is butting in with a boyband who performed in the Spider Park. Cool guys. The talking heads are Ad Lion Ami Hasan with a passion for fashion (his son Noah performed with the band Factory Boyz on the real stage) and to the right, major Man of Law Jyri Sarpaniemi, father of Emma Sarpaniemi, the photographer.

Here is what I can tell you without blushing:

  1. There is a chance that you swipe right on somebody and then notice, in a place in real life, oh, I know that guy from somewhere.  I just swiped him off my Tinder list! Chemistry does it’s trick, and then you check in somewhere to get to know each other better. Note: Not me this time but another bright and beautiful girl and, a rare find, a sharp American intellectual male. Magic in the air. I think I might go back on Tinder. Well, actually, I am still there.
  2. I really want to go to Slush. Engineers, tech and talks. Could be a good place to meet smart men as well. A friend of mine almost ended up married in Dubai after slushing out last year.
  3. Handmade hats called Én are done by designer Hanna Sarén, just right there on my Helsinki block. As seen on the August Issue of Gloria Magazine. For an urban east London vibe, check out Alina’s friend and music collaborator Sju Smatanova’s hat collection BySju. I.Am.Will wears them, as seen in the picture below. Cool dance video on her site as well.

    Photo by Stuart C.Wilson
  4. My God, I have probably been doing Punctum all the time without knowing the word for it. Creating something in my photos, contrast or mistakes-accidental or on purpose- that turns into a something that travels into the viewer’s mind and makes a lasting emotional impact…we hope. Punctum can be negative or positive and the feeling created is totally up to the person looking at the picture. Thank you Laura Pohjola from Bukowski for shining some light on to that one. More about Punctum and the French philosopher Roland Barthes, who came up with the term in his book Camera Lucinda, here.
  5. Some young guys are known to go to the famous Mummo Tunneli  to boost their self confidence before going out in the evening. The restaurant is known for it’s abundance of wild puma women. ¨Mummo¨meaning grandma.cropped-df100_logo
  6. Got handed a pretty pink postcard from Kirsti Lindberg-Repo. Design Finland 100 aims to make all those great Finnish Design thoughts and ideas become real and bring them to the world. Starting with an Executive Seminar (that sounds important) on the 18th of October in Singapore. Stylish partners like Agency Leroy and PreHelsinki  involved. Make Finnish Design Great Again! Pink/orange, always works for me.
  7. There might be ¨Suspended Pinot Grigio at Maxill for the next Night of The Arts¨ All men  that buy a drink pay for two and women drink for free! I got that piece of info right didn’t I? Ping Alexander Gullichsen

_DSC9066-2 copyMy fellow photographers Jan Lönnberg and Fabian Björk also made an appearance. Here photobombing the boy band. Is that a Fender?

Now off to Stockholm Fashion Week and much more. Stay tuned.