We are having Fashion! What’s on Your Plate?

Catwalk combined with Dinner. I don’t think I’ve heard about that one before Stockmann showed their Scandinavian fashion goodies as a part of their Norden Runt September Campaign last week. Dinner was made by Pipsa Hurmerinta and served to the Front Row people at the Catwalk.

Niina in Esprit outfit with Bag from Coccinelle, Acne-hat and Dr Martens. Mega wears Turo with a shirt by Stockmann 1862 and a tie from Stenström. Marina’s dress is by Tiger of Sweden. Ludde is all wrapped up in a scarf from Esprit, coat and trousers by the same brand. Shoes by Marc O’Polo. Julia’s dress by Esprit.

Hey there! I know these people! I took Niina Kurkinen’s (in the woollen hat) first test pictures in my studio flat in Kallio/ Berghäll when she was about 16. Since then we’ve worked together for numerous projects, for example the Stockmann Brooklyn Campaign and most recently for the clothing brand Ril’s.

Mega Maunula managed to book me before I got a chance to book him. He worked as an art director in his former life. Now he is retired and amuses himself and entertains us with modelling.

I just recently made a very wild fashion shoot with the over 180 cm tall and sweet Marina Keskitalo from Brand Models. You’ll see that one soon!

If you look closely in the latest Stockmann Premiere Catalogue, you’ll find Ludde Eklund in some pictures we did in Hangö in the beginning of the summer. We shot in Ludde’s shop with previously owned books, vintage of all sorts and other precious brickety-brack.

Some time ago I shot Julia Johansen in an editorial for Gloria Magazine. Lately I’ve seen her playing the guitar and singing her own songs on the Facebook. What is still to come?

Maria in Samuji, Erik wears Sand everything, Oliver in Marc O’Polo with Nike shoes, Emelie in an outfit from Marimekko and Joseph stutting his MAKIA everything stuff.

Models are people too! All this talk about brands using ‘real people’? What are models then? Godsent angels or dangerously skinny demons maybe. Here are some new and very fresh faces: Maria Vvedenskaya / Paparazzi Models,  Erik A ( sometimes they don’t have a surname) from Stockholmsgruppen, Oliver Kumbi / Nisch Management (you can see him in the Gloria Fashion Show this weekend, if you managed to get an invitation that is…), Emelie F / Stockholmsgruppen and –på riktigt…SO cute!- Joseph Chaouch Båth / Nisch Management

Outfits from the left: 1/ Selected Femme Jacket and Sweater with Noisy May Jeans 2/ Everything Samuji 3/ Marimekko army green coat (Awesome!) with shirt and wide leather pants from the same brand. Shoe by Nike 4/ Another Marimekko Outfit modelled by Anna Piirainen from Paparazzi Models 5/ Nicole from Paparazzi wears a red stripy outfit, also by Marimekko with Nike-shoes 6/ Sand coat, sweater and trousers and shoes by danish Woden Black 7/ Tiger of Sweden outfit with bag by Marc Jacobs. Shoes from Vagabond.

Some of my favourites from the show: The French Sailor because stripes just does it for me…and got to have navy blue, The Librarian, could also be The Governant, a bit naughty pretending to be good, The Cool One and The Cool Two in wide leather trousers, The AuntWarning! Wear this outfit only if you are flat chested, not exactly my best friend but I needed some colour in the picture. Love the RED trainers. Deep dark colours with black leather, definitely yes! Plus that favourite Oh So Innocent British School Boy. Because Fashion is all about FANTASY and making believe!

All the Outfits and Accessories are available at Stockmann.

STYLE by Mia Dillemuth // MAKE UP by Miika Kemppainen // HAIR by Sanni Syd // Music by Elias Gould. (Elias Here roped and taped up in his music video ‘Cold or Hot’)

NEXT UP: I am going to Paris on a secret mission, After that to Stockholm for a shoot and then Milan Fashion Week! See you there:)