I was chosen. Top Model Moment!

The biggest lesson from working in the fashion business as a model for more than 10 years was that you don’t always get the job but that is fine because you learn to move on and not take rejection so hard, also later on in life and in other circumstances when you face a big NO.

This time I got super lucky though. I got chosen to do the choosing. Here is the video I sent the producer.

Tips for a short introduction self-tape:

  1. Find a good natural light. In my tape I just stand in front of my big window, facing a cloudy sky in the north. Northern light considered to be the best since hundreds of years by great and not so great artists.
  2. Fix your hair and put on a light natural make up, maybe with a bit warmer skin. Of course…if your personality is depending on blue eyeshadow or green hair then you do that.
  3. No sudden quick moves. The camera likes it when you slow down your movements.
  4. Pretend you are talking to a specific person who you know likes you and whom you want to impress.
  5. Wear something not too wild, blue works really well. No logos as you is the person they should remember, not some fizzy drink.
  6. Keep the background cleaner than what I did.
  7. Don’t forget to edit your film. Contrast is crucial and will make your face jump out of the frame. You should keep the camera straight as well, which I didn’t. My clip is a bit low in contrast as well. And keep the camera/phone in landscape mode.
  8. Oh, and keep the camera still, or on a tripod. Don’t shake it around as I did. Come to think of it…probably did many things wrong but it doesn’t matter because I did one thing right (see no. 9) and that got me the job!
  9. Most important, do it, send it, now!

I hope you enjoy watching me and my judge colleagues Maryam Razavi and Juri Silvennoinen do our job in finding Finland’s Next Topmodel 2017.

Huippumalli Haussa every Wednesday on the Liv Channel, at 21.00. Also on Ruutu.fi. See Episode 1 here (works if you are in Finland)

Puss och Kram!