Small things #sthlm no.1

You know, sometimes it’s the small things. A little smile, a friendly word, somebody giving you a compliment… we all love that because we’re being seen. And heard.

Sometimes it’s the other small things. Those you get for a little money.

Sthlm Little Lust List

Number One / Have something sweet. Just because you can. And just because.

New Fika Hang Out called NK Art Bakery. Part of the department store NK and situated on Regeringsgatan 47.

Current exhibition by Absolut Art. Take one home today.

More than just artsy cakes and exhibitions, have something from the raw bar or ‘husmanskost’ from the lunch menu.

When you are done here you can just pop a cross the street and sneak into NK’s perfume department and go and have a sniff at Tom Ford’s little red hot new number, an ecstatic perfume called Lost Cherry. Simply amazing.

Anyway, loving all thing café. And coffee. But I Really want that sweet little Tom Ford cherry perfume. Costs about a lot of hundred dollars. Like, at least 320$. Probably sold out. NK clients managed to empty that tester in five days so I had to make do with the memory of a smell that hung around in the air surrounding the bottle.

See that red baret in the background. It’s worn by very much beloved daughter Alina. Who, btw, is releasing her single ‘33‘ on the 10th of December. Stay tuned for that one.

Not so small but red for Christmas, the glass pillar at Sergels Torg, close by.

Say hello and goodbye to Art Bakery.

I’m going back to the other side. This is something I am or will be so I’m about to get that little slim red lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent. Watch me.

Signing off.