Small things #sthlm/hki no.2

Last year I had a real living Christmas tree in a pot on my terrace. I thought we would stay together. Forever. I also thought the tree would just always be there. Well that did not happen. By summer it was looking less than great. Then it died.

This year I went plastic fantastic. So sorry but I’ve had this eternal green creation forever and it’s been hiding somewhere in the back of my storage. And hey, I did NOT kill a living tree this year.

Small things #no.2

This year it got to be a mini tree. See how nice it’s sits on my coffee table. Petra, check out my white car from Hemtex . Looks familiar doesn’t it? This model is from last season, but I’m sure they have something small and glittery for car- or maybe even bicycle-enthusiasts also this year.

And these! Instant mini LOVE by the first sight! I mean, they are so itsy-bitsy teenie weenie (I’d say 2cm max) that you can even wear them as ear rings, which I do. I’ll show you later… The tea light holders are a gift from mamma Margit. She found them in my favourite flee market Åldringsvännernas Loppis in Jakobstad. Now, if you can’t get your friend the christmas GIFT OF THE YEAR, the Muji Aroma Diffuserplease get him/her the warm lighted salt candle holder from a health store close to you. I got mine from Natura Zone in Helsinki.

This mini carneval coloured mini bulbs are from Lagerhaus. Cute as kittens. Adorable petit fake trees also available from the same store, ones even nicer than mine, which actually is a bit scruffy but suits me.

There! And now some Blossa Glögg from a bag in the box I bought in the tax-free and, YES!, Christmas music by Carola on repeat, pressing the link will take you to O’helga Natt. Might throw in a couple of Michael Bublé as well. And one ‘Last Christmas you gave me your heart’.

PS. Super place for all things small and cute, new store called Things by Hötorget in Stockholm.  Had to go back especially for the tiny diamond shaped fairy lights that now hang in my palm tree. In Helsinki I would try my luck at Clas Ohlson or maybe even whimsical Saiturin Pörssi for all small things that glitters and shines for Christmas.

PS 2. Be nice! I’ll try.

PS 3. These again. Just because.