Blame it on December

A bit trashy. Still a beauty.

I had great plans for this day. Wanted to see the Josef Frank exhibition at the Helsinki Design Museum, visit the Christmas Market at Harju 8, the new hipster restaurant in Kallio and to have a Sunday Sauna hosted by the café on the small island Uunisaari.

Be still. Don’t move. It’s winter even if it looks like summer. Helsinki South.

Guess what, spent my day just contemplating and planning for the future. Waking up late because I was watching ‘Vårt liv är nu’ on YleAreena until 5am. Yes, 5am…

Well I did get some hysterical home maintenance done first thing in the morning (eeeh… afternoon) Then late breakfast/brunch around…was it 4pm? Find that cleaning the house on an empty stomach is the best. Because adrenalin. Everything up-side-down. Blame it on December.

If possible, do nothing on a Sunday but if you must then here are some suggestions for next Sunday:

  1. The Josef Frank Exhibition currently showing at the Design Museum in Helsinki. Until 17th of March 2019. Colours and history. Houses and curtains. Sneak peek here.
  2. Harju 8, for a modern mix of Finnish classic food like fried herring with mashed potatoes to somethings more mixed modern that sounds yummy as well, grilled aubergine arrabiata with tahini. These dishes were on the lunch menu last week. Regular menu here. They also serve natural wines. Extra adorable bonus, flowers for sale on premises! No table reservations. Just drop in.
  3. Sunday Sauna on an island a pedestrian bridge away from south beach Helsinki ( Kaivopuisto) hosted by the Café Uunisaari. Sauna open from 10-16. Separate saunas for men/women. Also, skinny dipping encouraged for those willing to parade their goodies in front of the café guests. Morning sauna Mon-Fri 7-10 am. Christmas Dinner starts next week from 10.12 to 21.12 Mon-Sat 17-22 and Sun 12-15. After sauna,  maybe next Sunday? Reserve a table here.
  4. Or if you don’t want to leave your bed, watch Vårt Liv Är Nu, a Swedish ‘Downton Abby’-like period drama centered around the Löwander family and their restaurant Djurgårdskällaren. Fierce family intrigues, brothers, sisters and mothers against each other. Beautifully lighted, pretty interiors plus red lips and fancy 40-50’s hairstyles/styles in the five episodes that I’ve been watching. Stockholm old classic and modern 50’s architecture, pastel decorated swimming pool, fantastic panelled coffee shops and smoky restaurants. On Yle Areena and SVT Play. Just realised that season 1 has expired on YleAreena. Panic not, travel to Sweden and watch it on SVT Play. That is, if you don’t happen to be there already.