All years are filled with ups and downs, so was the one that just ended. After living and learning for a while you just accept that that’s the way it is going to be. So start appreciating what’s here now, whether it’s the small ordinary things or the huge spectacular ones.

Be grateful for everything and every minute. Even in the darkest moments there will be something to appreciate, something you can learn and even some little stupid thing that you can laugh about. At least afterwards or sometimes even while it’s happening.

Here we go. I am grateful for:

  • Family and home
  • Half a tank of gasoline in my car and of course my travelling companion, the Car.
  • Discovering a cute picture of my children in the back of a cupboard . Super grateful for my children and that they are growing and learning.
  • Earplugs when living with a teenager that likes Fortnite and late nights.
  • Lavender silk eye mask that I got from a friend
  • Fashion because it’s a fun distraction from too much thinking. Also because it’s an important way of communicating.
Picture from a fashion story we did with Liisa Kokko for Gloria Magazine in Milano last year. Oufit from SportMax. Model Anna Shut.
  • The socks my mom made me for Christmas
  • My aroma diffuser with Vata balancing oil.  I might be type Vata. The Frankincense oil is also good for keeping the harmony in your inner universe.
The aroma oil diffuser from Muji. Love it.
  • Sleeping well and when not, sleeping well the next night. 
  • Problems because they force you take action (sometimes the other way as well… when shut up and do nothing might the best solution to the problem)
  • The teenager talking sweet to his dog
Not a teenager in this picture but you get the cuddly picture, right?

  • The ability to learn
  • Friends and for being able to be myself, with friends. I have funny, smart. lovely friends. Thank you!
  • Dreaming and making plans and being able to travel and dream of living in all the places I visit
Going places. If not in real life, always dreaming and planning. View from Hotel Hilton, by Slussen, in Stockholm.
  • Being able to run up the stairs taking two steps at a time
  • My cute annoying dirty fluffy single balled dog Nisse
  • Social media and being able to talk, think and share stuff
  • My cameras and devices (just love devices..)
  • Laughing hysterically and acting way under my age, actually way under my children’s age as well. Sorry.
Daughter on the left.
  • Uncomfortable situations, because you are forced to learn and change. Or then you can always choose to say no and walk away.
  • Comfortable situations. Like those horisontal ones in my bed between leopard pattern sheets. Yes, love them.
Sheets from H&M by the way.
  • Fairy lights, definitely fairy lights and candles. Super important. Almost every morning and every night.
Fairy lights.
  • My daily routine, mostly involving coffee and hot water, the dog and those stairs. And those candles.
Summer house style. Or some such. Outfit handed down from grandmothers.
  • Getting older (it does mean you’re still alive, right) and wiser. At the same time, grateful for getting a bit dumber as well
  • Still being curious. Aiming for always.
The band aid on my knee: probably because a goose chased me while I was being too curious and too close. On a trip in Copenhagen with my stylish parents and brother. Here at Tivoli. My brother Ulf took the photo.
  • Work and for being able to combine play with work/creative fun people
  • Talking and listening to people. When I feel like it. Sometimes also when I don’t because usually all people turn out to have some interesting story or something they can teach you.
This is Niina Nuorivaara and Ia Luhtanen (don’t ask me who is who). They are twins and here they are mirroring the more scary twins from Shining. Picture taken in Jackie’s on Halloween 2018.
  • Difficult complicated people because you need to figure out the puzzle and get along or then just get away. The most difficult one stays with you forever though. You.
  • My daughter’s smile. And for us hugging that same tree.
  • Red lipstick
  • COFFEE!! OMG!… almost forgot that one. Very dear to me. Which one would you choose? If you would have to give one up? Coffee or alcohol?
  • My tongue scraper and magnesium glysinate/citrat
I take Magnesium plus Vitamine D3 in the evening and have very sweet dreams. Supposed to be good for the nerves as well. Everybody should clean their tongues, especially singers because you can see their tounge and you want it to be baby pink, not white. Zoega, my current coffee crush and for that extra show stopper- introduced last year and proved to be a major success- red lip inc from Chanel.
  • Summer and the summer house and being able to see the horisont and the sun set from my veranda.
View towards Mässkär from Ådön where we have our summer cottage.

  • Hope. Life. Love. In general.