Current Crush #1

I spend my nights wandering the magic Universe of Social Media so you can sleep and get your rest. These are my current wild power women squeezes. They are all loud, fearless and proud. Go follow!

Number 1: I’m sure you know her. The dancing queen from Bronx. Youngest ever American congress woman to be elected, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 29. She is very outspoken and she is not scared of angry old orange men. New rules on the Hill. Plus, she talks serious power dressing! High black stilettos, red lips, golden bangles, power suits and power colours. This girl is going places. Her insta here.

This picture of #aoc, to die for. Photo by Case Bird
Feminist white statement look from Tiger of Sweden. Feel the power and buy it here

Number 2: Then there is Celeste Barber, the Australian writer/comedian who literally stumbled into the fashion world when Tom Ford reposted her parody take on his commercial for frames, where a tall half naked model gets out of a Rolls Royce, with the caption ‘Celeste, we got your number’. Couple of days later she got an email with a job offer. It resulted in the hilarious Tom Ford lipstick clip. I must have watched it at least 50 times because it cracks me up. Note The Hand. His.

If you haven’t seen this kiss, you’re missing out. Link here..

Celeste’s Instagram world is actually an anti-insta world. She started out sending her sister pics where she would do her parody versions of all the fancy-filter personalities. She actually just wanted to take the Mickey out of the whole thing. Love her way of being a bit nasty in a funny charming way and for not being afraid of making fun of herself at the same time. Do as 5,2 million others, follow Celeste here.

I’d dress Celeste, and myself, in a snake skin patterned tunic in viscose from Kappahl and under she would probably be wearing something sensible like powder pink cotton undies from Muji, like myself but I’ll go with the grey ones. Undies here. Very comfortable.

Dress in Snakeskin pattern from Kappahl. Buy it here.

Number 3: Just a bit obsessed with Chrissy Teigen as well. Gutzy American model with Thai immigrant mum and dad of Norwegian descent. A bit of a messy cook who is popular because she is funny, clever and real in her pics and speech. Managed to get herself blocked by the American president on Twitter as well. She tweeted ”Lollll, nobody likes you¨to him. Chrissy is openly very critical of everything the president does and with over 10 million followers on her Twitter account, well, we hear you Chrissy.

Got scouted as a model while working in a surfing shop on Huntington beach in California. Big model moment when featured in Sports Illustrated Swimwear issue 2010. Now famous for being Chrissy Teigen and for her all natural an honest tweets.

Her first cookbook ‘Cravings’ became a best seller. Wholesome easy-to-make comfort food. Last autumn the second book called ‘Hungry for More’ was published. Oh, and she happens to be married to singer John Legend who presents himself as Chrissy’s husband on his Twitter profile. Is that cute or not? Chrissy have been called the voice of the fed-up generation. Probably because she tweets like nobody is listening.

For that comfy Chrissy-feel I’d get this high neck wool blend jumper from Arket. Buy it here.

Luckily there are quite a few fantastic females to follow out there at the moment. Stay tuned. I’ll go search.

Picture of me by lovely Henni Hyvärinen. The BW pic taken from top floor of bus passing Oxford Street in London. Snakeskin patterned blouse and leopard polo from Kappahl.