Carlsberg, not just a beer anymore #neighbourhood

Some years ago I did a photo shoot for Gloria Magazine in the old Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen. A couple of days ago I went back for a stroll and a pizza with a view with my friend Petra and her daughter Sacha who lives close by.

Quite a lot has changed. No beer brewing anymore but a whole new neighbourhood of Copenhagen is being created, in a sustainable way with solar panels and grass on the roofs.

The area is set to be completed by 2024 but many buildings are already finished and people have moved in.

This looks nice. I’ll have the one with a terrace please.

Landmarks always needed. They define an area and also makes it easier to navigate in cities. Scares me to think about what’s been planned for the gas clocks in Sörnäs, Helsinki… anybody knows?

Mix of curvy old and square new makes for a feel-good feng shui.

Also, something that makes me happy, 96% of all material from buildings that was demolished have been reused. Original patina adds extra charm.

The idea for the new city district is to have about 50% residential space, 35% office and retail and 15% for education, sports and cultural activities.

For the best view of Copenhagen you can sneak up to the rooftop restaurant Tramonto in the newly opened hotel Ottilia, namned after the Scottish-born wife of the Carlsberg brewer Carl Jacobsen. Their Cocktails were very nice…

About 25 small squares for people to gather.
On the terrace of the roof top restaurant Tramondo. Looking out on a lot of #byggabygga sporting red lips by Chanel, no.152 Choquant.